Thursday, April 5, 2012

Leaders Communicate

"Communication is a wonderful thing - but you need to do it!" It's one of my favorite expressions that I use often with my family and employees. All of us communicate is a wide variety of ways. People much smarter than I am have proposed several factors that Goman* refers to as "The Silent Language of Leaders"...

  • FACE FOLKS DIRECTLY - even a slight turn away creates a barrier indicating a lack of interest. Close your laptop, turn off that cell phone, put away briefcase

  • POSITIVE EYE CONTACT MATTERS - look directly into my eyes. As long as you are looking at me I believe I have your full attention

  • OPEN GESTURES WORK - keep movements relaxed, show the palm of your hands. These are signals of credibility and candor. Arms crossed, hands hidden create barriers.

  • USE YOUR HEAD - Nod your head the next time you want another person to talk more. Research shows that people will talk 3 to 4 times more than usual when the listener nods.

  • SMILE - it directly influences how other people respond. Smiling is contagious - people smile back which can change a person's emotional state both listener and speaker
*"The Silent Language of Leaders" by Dr. Carol Kinsey Gorman

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